After 12 months away I couldn’t really remember how to render this blog. I wrote a post yesterday and tried for an hour unsuccessfully to get it to publish. Other changes seemed to render but the new post would not. Today it’s obvious. I had dated it for 23rd of the 11th not 10th - and as it’s not yet November Jekyll thought better of publishing. Feeling like I’ve achieved something so writing a second post now.


I’ve had a set of 48 small acrylic tubes for years bought at half price then unused. I plan to use them now. See if I can create a set of work from that one box of colour that I like. I’ve done two and half so far including this one which I’m not sure I like.

Learning to paint with acrylics

Painting this reminded me of improv just offering paint to paper to see what happens, half enjoying half hating it as it progresses, moments of magic then when time’s up analysing results and as many steps as can be remembered and hoping next time I’ll feel more in control. However with acrylic it seems possible to have another go and erase previous attempts with another layer.