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Extreme weather

I do believe that the climate is changing. I’m convinced that it is destabilising or breaking down due to human activity.

It has grown noticeably hotter and more erratic during my lifetime and the last few years seem worse than any that I’ve known before.

The last few months we’ve been through the hottest recorded heat in many parts of Australia, the largest most widespread bushfires starting earlier than ever before. And now immediately afterwards we have many consecutive days of rain and wind bringing flooding in many places.

As I look out at the endless white veil of rain blown horizontally across the park since I woke this morning I hope that there will be stable and idilic periods again soon. That we won’t have to change our behaviour first and then wait hundreds of years for those changes to take effect before we can have pleasant days again.

52 Salads

Just before the new year I made commitment to myself to eat more plants and it occurred to me that I don’t have much of a salad repertoire. So I decided to make at least 52 salads I’ve not made before over 2020. I’ve made about 6 new salads so far.

My plan is to create another site likely using Jekyll to document and share them. I imagine it will be very simple site with just the recipes with one photo and no endless SEO oriented preambles.

I’m curious how much Adsense revenue such a site would make. How much green would it make.

Another new start

I’ve had various variations of a personal website since the mid 1990’s at this domain.

Initially it was a static collection of html pages, then in about 2002 I built a PHP based CMS with blog, image galleries and links pulled from delicious. Around 2007 I decided to switch to Wordpress and despite grand ambitions to write never moved beyond a stream of my photos. I’m guessing after suffering a couple of hacking attacks I decided to give a static site generator a go in 2017 but never added more than the original post.

This is another attempt at personal publishing in 2020.

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