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52 Salads

Just before the new year I made commitment to myself to eat more plants and it occurred to me that I don’t have much of a salad repertoire. So I decided to make at least 52 salads I’ve not made before over 2020. I’ve made about 6 new salads so far.

My plan is to create another site likely using Jekyll to document and share them. I imagine it will be very simple site with just the recipes with one photo and no endless SEO oriented preambles.

I’m curious how much Adsense revenue such a site would make. How much green would it make.

Another new start

I’ve had various variations of a personal website since the mid 1990’s at this domain.

Initially it was a static collection of html pages, then in about 2002 I built a PHP based CMS with blog, image galleries and links pulled from delicious. Around 2007 I decided to switch to Wordpress and despite grand ambitions to write never moved beyond a stream of my photos. I’m guessing after suffering a couple of hacking attacks I decided to give a static site generator a go in 2017 but never added more than the original post.

This is another attempt at personal publishing in 2020.

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